With a fleet made up of 10 oil spec artic flat beds, 2 curtain-siders and 13 bulk tippers we can offer a range of distribution services.

Based in Tain and with drivers placed throughout the Highlands, we are ideally suited to haulage to/from the North of Scotland and regularly travel the length and breadth of the UK.

Available 365 days a year, long term contract or short term ad-hoc business – no order too large or too small.

Our Fleet

Tractor Units

Tractor Units

Our fleet of 20 tractor units travel the length and breadth of the UK delivering a wide range of consignments ranging from single pallets to full 28 tonne loads.


We have 16 bulk tipping trailers capable of transporting bulk products such as grain, vegetables, aggregates, animal feed and sawmill residues.


We have 10 flatbed trailers from transporting a wide range of products such as sawn timber, IBCs, pallets, fertiliser, animal feed, building products, steel, pipes and machinery.


Our 2 chipliners are capable of transporting the vast majority of products our flatbeds can, while also providing additional protection from the elements. They are also load retaining so can be used for transporting sawmill residue.


TASCC was developed because farmers and end users wanted to be sure that crops of grain, oilseeds and pulses were treated responsibly once they left the farm. That includes wheat processed by flour millers and malting barley for the brewers and distillers in the drinks industry. It provides independent verification that the trade is meeting food safety laws.

The scheme is audited and certified by an independent certification body, in accordance with the internationally recognised standard EN45011. This means that the certification body is itself independently assessed every year to ensure that the standard is implemented and administered consistently and fairly.


We use the latest, most fuel efficient, most environmentally friendly vehicles.

We fit our vehicles with the latest technology that eliminates unnecessary miles and keeps fuel usage to a minimum.

All Bannerman Transport vehicles use AdBlue, an addition to the exhaust system that reduces carbon emissions.

We recycle as much waste as we can to help offset our carbon footprint.

Meet Our Team

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

Bulk Haulage

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Fergus Scott

Fergus Scott

General Haualge

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