The majority of injuries in playgrounds are caused by contact with hard surfaces such as grass, tarmac and concrete which are now considered unsuitable.

Playgrade bark is a graded natural bark developed specifically for playgrounds to provide a clean, dry and soft surface for children to play on. The bark blends into all surroundings and remains effective over a long period of time. Playgrade bark is the highest specification available and every care is taken to ensure minimal wood content.

The carefully controlled particle size inhibits rotting. It has minimal compaction and so will absorb imapct energy thus cushioning a child’s landing. Playgrade bark has inherent natural cohesion, which prevents wind blow in all but exceptional conditions. It conforms to British Standard guidelines regarding critical fall heights.

Apart from minimising injury, it drains well, can be used even when wet and dries rapidly. Should any of the material supplied be scuffed or kicked over the sides then it will not result in damage to grass care equipment. It is easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance.

There is a possibility of initial compaction of material and this must be taken into consideration when calculating your requirements.

The above product conforms to BS7188.

Size Range PH Level Bulk Density Wood Content Sizes Available
20 – 60mm 4.5 – 5.5 < 3 g/L < 5% 70L, 1.5cu Tote, Loose

How to use

We believe there is no formal requirement or standard for an impact absorbing surface to be used in a residential situation and you should carry out your own risk assessment as appropriate to your individual circumstances.

Prepare the area by removing all weeds and debris. For best results lay a perforated plastic or fabric membrane under the bark. Spread a an even layer of bark as required by your individual circumstances.

Check the play area often and ensure an even coverage and to remove any debris and foreign matter that may have appeared in the bark.

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