Lignite briquettes are the classic fuel for traditional solid-fuel appliances like automatic stoves, cooking stoves and stand-alone stoves. Today, they are frequently used in combination with wood in modern solid-fuel appliances.

They are easy to light, have a high heat output and are a longer burning alternative to wood.

Made from lignite as nature made it and pressed without the use of additives, chemicals or binding agents mean they are environmentally friendly and produce low levels sulphur and smoke. 

They are clean to handle, easy to store and can be stacked in a dry place for long periods without loss of quality.

Available in the sizes below:

10kg: Single

Packaging foil

Qty/unit 18

Weight/unit 10kg

25kg: Single

Packaging: tied bundle

Qty/unit 44

Weight/unit: 25kg

10kg: Pallet

Qty/pallet 96

Weight/pallet 960kg

25kg: Pallet

Qty/pallet 40

Weight/pallet 1000kg

Analyis Reference Values

Moisture (in %) 19

Ash (in %) 3.5

Volatile matter (in %) 41

Sulphur (with an impact on emissions) approx. 0.1%

Net calorific value (in MJ) 19.8

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