Medium Grade Mulch

Medium Grade Mulch had, during the last 10 years, become the UK’s Number 1 selling bark mulch.

It is economical in terms of the cost savings it offers against the labour and chemicals required to maintain large areas of tree and shrub plantings from weed growth.

Medium Grade Mulch acts as an active weed suppressant allowing plants to establish on newly planted sites.

The current concern related to the use of chemicals has only helped to strengthen the case for bark – added to which helps to retain moisture during dry spells and combines to give a pleasing finish to all landscaping projects.

While the bark will break down after several years, it will continue to improve soil characteristics.

Bark Products produces Medium Grade Mulch from different sites using locally sourced material, therefore, there will be a variance in appearance and make up.

If in doubt, please request a sample prior to placing orders.

Size Range 0-50mm

PH 6-7.5

Bulk Density 0.30-0.40 g/L

This product is available in BULK only.

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