Lignite briquettes are the classic fuel for traditional solid-fuel appliances like automatic stoves, cooking stoves and stand-alone stoves. Today, they are frequently used in combination with wood in modern solid-fuel appliances.

10kg Heizprofi Baled Lignite Coal Briquettes

Packaging foil

Qty/unit 18

Total weight (in kg) 10

Stone length (in mm) approx. 180

Stone width (in mm) approx. 60

Stone weight (in kg) approx. 0.570

Units/pallet 90

Height (in mm) 1,285

Width (in mm) 800

Length (in mm) 1,200

Weight (in kg) 900

Stackable yes

Analysis reference values:

Moisture (in %) 19

Ash (in %) 3.5

Volatile matter (in %) 41

Sulphur (with an impact on emissions) approx. 0.1%

Net calorific value (in MJ) 19.8

25kg Heizprofi Baled Lignite Coal Briquettes

Packaging 25 kg bundled

Qty/unit 44

Total weight (in kg) 25

Stone length (in mm) approx. 180

Stone width (in mm) approx. 60

Stone weight (in kg) approx. 0.570

Units/pallet 45

Height (in mm) 1,060

Width (in mm) 970

Length (in mm) 1,300

Weight (in kg) 1,125

Analyis Reference Values

Moisture (in %) 19

Ash (in %) 3.5

Volatile matter (in %) 41

Sulphur (with an impact on emissions) approx. 0.1%

Net calorific value (in MJ) 19.8

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